All bearers of change

Lecko, they are talents (consultants and project managers) rigorous in their approach and analysis, dynamic and creative in mission and internally to stimulate reflection. Lecko encourages initiative and leaves room for intrapreneurship! Each employee plays a role in the company project and is encouraged to propose his ideas to advance methodologies as well as well-being at work.

Arnaud Rayrole

I encourage people to explore new approaches and to converge towards concrete action. I give as much meaning as possible to my initiatives and I don't hesitate to get my hands dirty.


Christophe Routhieau

Our world has no choice but to change. Great news! I have a real passion for transitions, all transitions, be they digital, environmental or managerial.


Sophie Walter

I can't... I've got Mooncard!


Delphine Wintenberger

I make sure that I'm discreet and at the service of the teams, so that administration combines rigor and agility.


Christophe Borée

I try to combine dream and pragmatism, imagination and reality to find the right balance and the right direction for change.


Bastien Le Lann

I am trying to bring culture, need, strategy, technology and support together without blowing things up or leading to war.


Antoine Séo

I like to spark interest in new collaborative practices through creative workshops!


Grégoire Lerouge

I try to provide my customers with answers, but I always have questions for them.


Michel Ezran

I'm up for ideas that seem crazy, and I'm not afraid of customer requests that seem impossible. For these ambitious projects, I make sure that all the ingredients are there.


Fehmi Janfaoui

Identifying customer needs, creating and nurturing relationships... in my job, I love human contact.


Kevin Quach

I know how to get involved in everything I do!


Khalid Debdi 

First one in, last one out, I sometimes sleep at the office... That's what the rumor is!

#Not Available

Ferhat Yousfi

From behind the scenes, I turn your ideas into digital reality!


Said Talah

Decode your ideas into binary code!


Léo Legron

My colleagues can count on me! GreeT and Lecko Analytics hold no secrets for me.


Kamran Banan

I like to listen to what people say. There are things I know and things I'm learning!

#AlwaysA Solution

Viviane Chen

Sharing to discover. Changing together for better growth.


Valerian Piozin

A bubble tea in one hand, my camera in the other, I bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas!


Loïsa Thimon

A dash of creative here, a pinch of creative there... And that's it!


Josefine Becker 

I help my customers create an environment where mistakes and iterations are allowed. My ambition: to (re-)inspire the desire to learn!


Laura Placenti

I bring creativity, practicality and enthusiasm to help teams create virtuous circles.


Hala Khal

I adapt to all customer contexts and bring my good humor... in addition to my know-how.


Rayan Benhamana

Choosing the right tool isn't enough: you also need to know how to use it 😁


Victor Caquot 

I try to compose around everyone's needs to accompany the change with the right score!


Marlène Filipidis

Create the conditions for each project to progress at the right pace and for the team to have fun.


Salome Nahon 

I like to improve the comfort of the staff with new practices and never miss an opportunity to entertain Leckopains!


Héléna Perelman

I listen to the little stories and needs of employees, support their initiatives and drive change!