Our experts are integrated into the teams

Our experts are integrated into the teams. The service is either defined on the basis of deliverables and a fixed price, or on a capacity for action. Depending on the issues, it can be a single expert or a multidisciplinary team.

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Opportunity study, preliminary project and framing

In order to federate the stakeholders within the company, to validate the means and solutions involved, we help you to clarify the stakes of your project, to align the envisaged scenarios with the state of the art. The team brings you the experience acquired with other companies and the expertise developed in the framework of the market analyses produced by Lecko.


Help in choosing solutions

Our job is also to closely monitor product developments in order to advise you, whether it is a question of choosing an infrastructure or a complementary solution to meet a targeted use case. Lecko is agnostic and independent towards the editors of the market.


Design of the Digital Workplace

Between myth and reality, the definition of the Digital Workplace requires a good knowledge of the technological possibilities and limits to exploit the potential of the tools at the service of users' expectations. Today, the objective is above all to support each business in the breakdown of their activities carried out in the email to the various collaborative bricks that must then be configured. The Digital Workplace has never been so lively in terms of monitoring changes in team practices. We help you to articulate the technical, communication and support aspects of the changes in practices of your Digital Workplace project. Beyond the construction phase, our team helps you to operate the deployment of the service offering, adaptation and support to the business lines.


Raising awareness among managers

Rightly considered as key players in the success of the transformation, they are also the most exposed. The evolution of managerial practices inherent to new forms of collaboration, networking and the increased agility of organizations require special support. We help them on the one hand to understand these new forms of work and on the other hand to gradually integrate them into their operational management.


Accompaniment of business lines and users

If change is an aspiration that emerges after good communication, setting it in motion requires mobilization. Through the implementation of a support system, we work alongside you to give meaning, motivate the taking of initiatives and support them so that working practices evolve within the teams.  

Our approach is to adopt an agile approach, aiming to quickly test known methods first, evaluate their impact and adjust them.


Building and animating a network of ambassadors

Moving lines is rewarding but cannot be improvised. Without success, ambassadors can quickly lose their initial enthusiasm. By strengthening their practices to ensure that their interventions capture the attention of their colleagues, the company is a double winner.

We help you to lead sessions for sharing practices, transmitting methods for mobilising employees, raising awareness among managers about "New ways of working", and supporting teams in the progression of their work practices. Each of these themes is equipped with an approach (In'Pulse, Pick'n'Start, HighLight, In'Flow, Pep'it, Lecko Analytics) with itsworkshop kit and its Klaxoon support for remote animation. The Lecko team can take in charge the animation of this network to make them increase their skills and ensure their progressive autonomy.


Training of the actors of the transformation

In order to strengthen the transformation capacity, we train the actors of the transformation to the methodologies that Lecko has been putting into practice for many years. The training allows to reinforce the practices quickly but also to ensure a common approach, which guarantees a better efficiency in the long term.