Developing sustainable work practices

Because the technological boom must be tamed to generate positive results, we provide you with the levers to encourage the emergence of new working practices, on a large scale.

SYSTRA measures the CO2 emissions of its Microsoft 365 digital work environment with Lecko Analytics

The international engineering and consulting group specializing in public transport wants to go beyond the information provided by Microsoft (...)

How to work more responsibly with digital technology?

Intensified use amplifies emissions and accentuates pre-existing problems of information overload and hyper-connection. However, there are ways of improving the situation.

Can technological developments solve digital pollution?

Relying on technological progress to solve our problems is tempting. But we have to admit that technological improvements are being erased (...)

Adopting Responsible Digital Practices in Microsoft 365

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- Measure your carbon emissions
- Receive tips for reducing your emissions and improving efficiency
- Get your monthly badge certifying your alignment with the Paris agreements.

Towards a responsible digital future

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A training course to become aware of the issues linked to digital technology in our lives and to develop new practices to combine responsible digital technology and operational efficiency. Experiment with methodologies and scenarios to move from idea to action!

Developing responsible digital practices

We suggest you make an appointment with one of our facilitators to help you identify how to move forward in your context.

The exchange lasts 30 minutes
It's free and without obligation.


Aligning our digital working practices with the Paris Agreements

Organize your "Digital Fresco" workshop

Héléna and Salomé, certified animators, are at your disposal to animate your Digital Frescoes. They'll help you acculturate your colleagues to the climate issues hidden behind your uses.

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