Strengthen your transformation process

Making each employee an actor in his or her own transformation

Changing one's practices requires desire and motivation. Within the collective that is the company, the way others look at the idea or the fact of changing will facilitate or stifle the emerging dynamics. Highlight is an animation with different formats (energizer or workshop) to make everyone aware of the importance of their own posture and to encourage those around them to contribute to change.

Making each employee an actor in his or her own transformation

Collective inertia can demotivate more than one initiator. In'Pulse brings together in 8 keys to success the levers activated by practice leaders, intuitively or explicitly. Knowing how to mobilize and federate colleagues around your initiatives is a quality of leadership that is more and more useful in a company in transformation. The In'Pulse approach can be used by ambassadors to transmit keys to the leaders of change initiatives or in the form of training sessions for active or future transformation players.

Integrate a continuous improvement approach into your managerial routines

Learning to change becomes necessary in an environment where changes are accelerating, problems are becoming more and more complex and solutions have to be invented. The team's software can facilitate continuous adaptation. Agility and Lean Management have demonstrated the value of applying these principles. In'Flow declines the principles of Lean Management at context . It allows the manager to define the ambition and the rhythm of transformation and to involve his team in questioning the existing work practices in order to make them progress step by step.

Making visible the transformation that is taking place

The transformation of organizations is a long process that needs to be constantly stimulated. Showing everyone that change is taking place within the company helps to build a new standard. Multiplying testimonials is a way of telling the story of this evolution in progress. Pep'It is a device that makes the production of testimonials more fluid to relieve the burden on the Digital team and ensure economical and continuous production over time. 

Embark on the collaborative offer on a first winning use

Often the best way to understand is to try. However, testing tools rarely leads to adoption because there are other aspects to consider. Pick'n'Start is an approach to discover in a pragmatic way the collaborative offer and guide a team towards a first use by ensuring a common goal. The approach is aimed at ambassadors who want to strengthen their way of promoting the collaborative offer.

Drive your transformation with the DATA of the work environment

The reality of usage is difficult to estimate without factual data. Lecko Analytics extracts raw activity data from your platforms (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Jalios, Talskpirit, Exo Platform, Elium) in order to complete the indicators proposed by the editor and make them available to the teams. These indicators allow everyone to save time by reinforcing the need to change, by highlighting the progress made and by creating emulation between entities.