Towards digital responsibility

A training course to become aware of the issues linked to digital technology in our lives and to develop new practices to combine responsible digital technology and operational efficiency. Experiment with methodologies and scenarios to move from idea to action!

The objectives of the training

Understanding the environmental impacts of digital technology

Be aware of the impact of your digital use and measureit

Appropriate collaborative practices to implement more responsible practices

Identify the solutions to be implemented individually and collectively to reduce carbon emissions from digital technology

The skills developed

This training will enable participants to progress in several skills.

Develop knowledge of the digital life cycle and key concepts

Stucturing and proposing responsible initiatives

A course in 4 modules, spread over 3 days

Day 1:
2 modules - 3h30


Introduction to the challenges of digital responsibility

Be aware of the explosion of digital technology in our lives and the dynamics involved


Building the Digital Fresco*. 

Understanding the digital lifecycle and measuring climate risks


* official module of the Digital Fresco

Day 2: 
1 module - 2h30


Identification of concrete actions

Identify actions and solutions to reduce its digital impact and collaborate more responsibly

Day 3:
1 module - 3h30


Implementation in the workplace

Put into practice and use the concepts studied to convince and engage your team and/or your organisation


100% remote 

9 hours of training spread over 3 days

The prerequisites

The Lecko Academy courses are accessible without pre-requisites. 

A preliminary questionnaire will simply allow us to check that your needs match the proposed course.

Target groups


Ambassadors / Digital Champions

Business Project Manager

Director, Team Leader

Animation modes

Participatory/involving facilitation methods

Fictitious scenarios & adaptation to your own context

Sharing experience

Alternating plenary sessions, sub-group workshops and individual work

Disabled people Our courses are accessible for most disabilities, but if you need compensation, please contact us at [email protected]


980 € EXCL. / participant
Places are limited to 8 participants from different organisations

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