The culture of experimentation at the service of your transformations!

We feel a real weariness of the teams with the change orders, which impose an answer to a problem that is not defined.

Beyond weariness, there is also a "default" mistrust in the proposed solutions, associating in fact any step with a waste of time.

Finally, the lack of a real method of  motivating resolution naturally translates into an accommodation of the irritant and thus the maintenance of the status quo.

Faced with these different observations, we have three convictions:

It is by working with the people impacted by change that we can ensure success.

The best way to make a successful team change is to try to do it together and learn from the results, the team is its own prototype.

See the team as software and use lean and agile approaches to structure the process and obtain real results.

in'flow is an invitation to transformation through experimentation

Transformation through practice and experimentation!

Our proposal is to approach this transformation with you, following a lean and agile approach. Even if each response is in fact unique, our objective remains the same: to build teams capable of anticipating and adapting to change, with digital tools as a facilitator.

Nos démarches adressent le soutien à la transformation des équipes métiers, l’évolution du rôle des managers et l’adaptation de l’organisation. Nous combinons différentes modalités d’interventions : de l’immersion, des ateliers de co construction, du coaching individuel ou d’équipe. Jackpot du jeu en ligne Crazy Time : gros lot non progressif fixé à un montant déterminé.

In'flow is the synthesis, it is an approach of transformation through experimentation and adaptation.

in'flow by lecko

A pragmatic and participative approach inspired by lean/agile principles

Anchoring through experimentation and co-creation of solutions

A guarantee of the good adequacy of the solution.

A mastery of ambition and the pace of transformation.

An example of in'flow application with the implementation of the transformation patterns presented in our last study.
in'flow : collaboration canvas model