Adopting Responsible Digital Practices in Microsoft 365

- Measure your carbon emissions

- • Get tips on how to reduce your emissions and become more efficient

- • Get your badge every month to show your alignment with the Paris agreements.

Thanks to GreeT, teams can take part in the decarbonisation of the company's activity.

- Complete the weekly challenges by following the recommendations

- • Get monthly Planet friendly badges attesting to the emissions reduction trajectory aligned with the Paris agreements.

Gamify your Digital Cleanup Day with GreeT

GreeT automatically measures the emails and documents deleted during the operation period. Team challenges help you to mobilize the company.

The carbon emission is evaluated by applying an emission factor to each action in Microsoft 365. GreeT relies on the Lecko Analytics technology allowing the company to extract its activity data.

Lecko Analytics

How does it work?

0.2 gCO2eq / mail sent / recipient
0.428 gCO2e / MB / recipient

OneDrive - Sharepoint - Yammer - Teams
0.428 gCO2e / MB / year

Yammer - Teams
0.1 gCO2eq / year

0.22 gCO2e / min / participant

Rendre chacun acteur d’une transformation au quotidien

Enable everyone to act at their own level and develop an awareness of environmental impacts

Reduce individual emissions by up to 50%.

Continue to mobilise teams to transform their working practices for greater efficiency

Green IT: Lecko Analytics awarded by VINCI Energies

How to work more responsibly with digital technology?

How to measure GHG emissions from digital use?

Can technological developments solve digital pollution?


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