A turnkey service for operational teams that access their indicators independently

Updated daily and calculated on D+1
Resuming the history
Detailed information on activities

A technology for IT teams

The company becomes sovereign over its secondary data (technically and legally). It has the raw activity data at its disposal and can freely exploit them.

The APIs of the Lecko Analytics calculation engine allow you to create your own dashboards in a BI tool (Power BI, SAP Analysis, other).

Security and privacy by design

Data is extracted and hosted on the customer's private cloud infrastructure.

No access to the working environments is transmitted to Lecko.


Evaluation of the level of use of team messaging (Teams) to support a more agile management of activities.


Evaluation of the settlement, commitment, maturity of the spaces and their transversality on the Corporate Social Network.


Evaluation of meeting time and email usage to support changes in team practices.


Identification of champions to recruit them into the support system.

of Responsible Digital

Measuring carbon emissions from working practices and driving the adoption of lower carbon and more efficient alternatives for teamwork.

digital wellness

Supporting policies to preserve disconnected time and prevent work-related fatigue.

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