The ability of organizations to transform themselves remains at the heart of today's challenges.

By becoming central, digital technology is taking on new responsibilities:
  • meet the environmental challenge,
  • ensure business continuity in a world in crisis,
  • ensure employee well-being.

60% of users work mainly in e-mailthat is, as they did 20 years ago. They complain of information and meeting overload, leading to a loss of efficiency and fatigue over time.

Our data-driven change management platform guides each team towards greater efficiency, better management of meeting time, increased attention to digital QWL.

Gamify your Digital Cleanup Day with GreeT

GreeT automatically measures the emails and documents deleted during the operation period. Team challenges help you to mobilize the company.

Give teams the means to evaluate their practices and identify the levers for progress thanks to a data-driven change management application.

Find out how GreeT supports employees in their digital responsibility

QWL Digital

Manage your awareness policies on disconnection time and well-being at work in a digital environment that is difficult to control, thanks to Data.


Supporting the organisation towards sustainable, low-carbon, team-friendly and efficient digital practices through accessible support on demand.

Amplify your transformation by professionalizing your teams with the Lecko Academy.

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